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802.11ac - The Wireless Enterprise Without Compromise

A Meru Networks Guest Blog By Jason Green, Managing Director, Building Zones, a Meru Gold Partner.

November has been a busy month for Building Zones. We have been successfully installing our first few 802.11ac Meru Networks wireless solutions. In fact, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest AP832 access points and the latest version 6 firmware.

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Wireless IP Telephony

I can’t remember how long I have been talking about Wireless IP Telephony, it really does seem like an eternity. And there lies the issue, we are all good at talking about it and the benefits it can deliver, but very few IT professionals are truly embracing it and providing an environment where employees can benefit from only have one telephony device.

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802.11ac Gigabit WiFi Referral Programme

Now that Gigabit WiFi (802.11ac) has landed - making WiFi as fast and as reliable as a wired connection, Building Zones are celebrating by giving away £50 to every authorised 802.11ac (WiFi)  lead we receive between now and the end of the year - plus a £5 donation to Charity.

The Building Zones Referral Programme is designed to reward everyone who introduces new prospects to us - from offices, conference centre's, Hospital's, School's and Universities - all crying out for decent, reliable WiFi. 

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The Challenges of a True BYOD Culture

With the number of devices being brought into the workplace reaching close to 3 per employee, there are many advantages of enabling a BYOD culture inside your organisation – from increased productivity and lowered costs through to improved employee collaboration and satisfaction. But as is always the case with advantages, there comes many challenges including data security, loss of control and a lack of consistent policy enforcement not to mention the undeniable strain that is being placed on your network.

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Staying ahead of the game.

Building Zones has been installing Meru Networks WiFi solutions for over 5 years, deploying large scale networks for Skype, BDP, Foster & Partners, RFIB and Fulwood Academy to name a few.

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