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Zero Wires - The trends driving wireless adoption

Zero Wires in a Connected World. Is this the Future?

Written by Beverley Eggleton, Marketing Manager, Cordless Consultants and published in Inside Networks May 2016

When we talk about the future of the workplace, we use phrases such as ‘agile’, ‘digital’, ’smart’, ‘intelligent’, ‘connected’ and ‘optimised’ – but what about wireless?

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What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling is set to eliminate those in-building mobile phone dead zones, but is your wireless network ready?

Even in cellular 4G hot zones like central London, mobile phone coverage in buildings can often be poor to non-existent, so WiFi Calling allows you to make and receive calls on your smart phone over your wireless network. The following mobile operators are already making use of this feature:

•O2 have a Smart Phone app called TuGo

•EE, as you have seen advertised by Kevin Bacon on the Tube, have enable smartphones to automatically use WiFi for calls.

•Three also have the ability to make calls over WiFi.

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Are schools leading the way with wireless?

You may not know this but many schools are adopting technology at a faster pace than businesses.

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