Hotels are being selected for more than their location, food, and amenities. A Wi-Fi connection is the most important amenity for travellers, followed by free breakfast.

A hotel’s Wi-Fi must service hundreds or thousands of people, each with multiple mobile devices in a crowded space. Disappoint, and guests will be quick to air their grievances, in person or on social media, hurting the hotel’s reputation. And if the guests are attending an event and attendees’ complaints are loud enough, the event organisers are likely to rethink their meeting venue for next year.

Reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi makes meetings and conferences more profitable for hotels. We can deliver the kind of experience that keeps guests coming back again and again. We provide an all-wireless network that fully supports the enterprise, delivering a consistent, interactive experience for all users. This can be achieved no matter what applications they are running and how many other users are on the network.