Our Technology Success Programme is a Managed IT Service incorporating a structured ongoing cycle of improvement for clients. This is based on alignment of technology against industry best practice and company business objectives. The programme comprises key elements as outlined below.

Technical Alignment

Each client is allocated a dedicated technical administrator to provide a consistent technical point of contact. They visit client sites monthly and their key responsibilities are to:

  • Develop and maintain technical knowledge of the company environment;
  • Align each client’s technology against best practice standards;
  • Carry out regular proactive services for clients;
  • Assess the level of risk where there is a lack of alignment.
This regular and proactive management leads to continuous improvement of technology services which reduces the number of support issues.

Technology Strategy

Each client is allocated a dedicated CTO who is responsible for working with the business owner or executives to develop an IT roadmap. This is based on recommendations from the monthly technical alignment reviews and business priorities. The technology strategy includes recommendations on the following:

  • Updating or implementing new IT systems;
  • Technology aligned to business goals;
  • Technology that promotes innovation and new business opportunities;
  • Recommendations for technology investment and budget priorities.
This strategy is reviewed quarterly with clients at their premises to take account of changing technical and business needs.

Client Support

Our focus on proactive alignment of clients’ technology to our best practice standards reduces the number of support calls. Where there are issues, our customer services team provides the following support:

  • Helpdesk support available through the designated support email address as well as the Customer Portal
  • Quick and effective support in line with our SLAs to isolate and resolve issues
  • Remote and on-site support
  • ‘How To’ Responses to FAQs

Professional Services

The development of a technology strategy will include recommendations for updating or implementing new IT systems. Building Zones has a team of IT consultants to design, manage and implement these projects. This includes the following key areas:

Network Infrastructure: Building Zones is passionate about helping transform connectivity and productivity in the workplace through high performance IT network infrastructure (LAN, WLAN and WAN);

Cyber Security: Building Zones works with business to develop a clear cyber-security strategy based on identified areas of vulnerability and involving people, processes and technology;

Cloud Computing: Companies that move selected business operations to a cloud platform benefit from greater scalability, flexibility and business agility, business continuity and reduced risk and no hardware requirements resulting in lower total cost of ownership.