The number and complexity of cyber-attacks has increased with potentially devastating financial and reputational impact for businesses of all sizes. Building Zones works with businesses to develop a clear cyber-security strategy based on identified areas of vulnerability, involving people, processes and technology.

Building Zones aims to provide clients with the best-fit solutions for their needs. We carefully choose preferred security technology partners based on their performance and price, taking into account independent industry analysis by Gartner and Forrester.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Threat Assessment

to identify any irregular activity as a result of network vulnerabilities, including detection of malware/botnets and 'at risk' devices:

Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment (CTAP). This is a simple process whereby a Fortinet Next Generation Firewall is deployed on a network for 7 days to record how the network is being used and identify any areas of vulnerability.

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Cyber Threat Assessment

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) are an essential component of any cyber security strategy. With the recent increase in cryptoworm cyber-attacks which can self-propagate across a network, there is a need to not only protect access to the network, but also set up internal segmentation with appropriate user rights to prevent the spread of viruses.

Building Zones recommends:

Fortinet Fortigate NGFW which meets the requirements for price and performance as confirmed by independent industry analysis.

Meraki Firewall is a cloud-based offering which offers a simple interface for multiple sites to simplify manageability and availability.

Advanced Threat Management

Advanced Threat Management offers comprehensive detection and prevention solutions. Building Zones recommends Fortinet's Security Fabric which provides an end-to-end solution, including network, endpoint, applications, data centre, cloud and access security. Fortigate NGFW for networks, endpoints are protected by Forticlient, emails are protected by Fortimail, infrastructure protected by Fortiweb (global intelligence) and Fortisandbox (local intelligence).

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The Fortinet Security Fabric can be expanded beyond Fortinet devices through FortiSIEM. This provides a single pane of glass visibility of the entire threat landscape as well as cross-correlated NOC and SOC threat analysis.

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