There are a number of benefits for companies that move selected business operations to a cloud platform:

  • Greater scalability, flexibility and business agility;
  • Business continuity and reduced risk;
  • No hardware requirements and therefore lower total cost of ownership.

Building Zones has selected the following preferred Cloud Platform and Applications to benefit clients:

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

As a MS Azure Silver partner, we help clients migrate applications and data to the cloud through MS Azure Cloud Platform. We help to determine which services should be migrated and whether the solution should be public, private or hybrid.

TalonFast Cloud File Consolidation

TalonFast global file sharing and collaboration, can assist with a seamless transition of data from local servers to MS Azure Files. TalonFast complements MS Azure by ensuring that users can have 'local-like' performance when accessing files which are stored remotely in the Cloud.

Microsoft Office 365

Migrating from MS Exchange to MS Office 365 is often the first step companies take on the journey to the cloud. MS Office 365 provides all the benefits of an enterprise level Unified Communication Solution without the administrative overheads of inhouse systems.

MS Office 365 also provides additional business applications, such as, Sway, Delve, Yammer and Skype for Business to improve collaboration and productivity.

Secure Cloud Working

While Cloud Platform providers, such as MS Azure, are responsible for ensuring the security of their cloud platform, companies are responsible for securing their activities in the cloud, including customer data, applications, identity, access management.

Building Zones works with Fortinet, an approved MS Azure partner, to provide end-to-end Advanced Threat Management for end user devices, through infrastructure and to the cloud.

Get in touch to discuss how your business could benefit from migrating to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and applications such as TalonFast. Email: