Why ongoing network monitoring is essential for your setup

One of the key components in ensuring exceptional network performance is often overlooked: network monitoring. 24/7 network monitoring provides a firm foundation for an IT infrastructure that fully supports the business and enables it to thrive. Without it, many setups are vulnerable or simply just do not perform at optimum levels.

Preserving business continuity

If given the option, almost every organisation would say yes to uninterrupted business continuity. And yet, so many don’t invest in network monitoring, which is one of the simplest ways to ensure this, no matter what the sector or size of the business. Proactive monitoring picks up on problems at an embryonic stage. It enables swift action and response at the point where a problem has yet to become a disaster. The result is that potential downtime can be minimised and clients enjoy a much smoother service.

Enabling network transparency

Without monitoring it can be difficult to gain true perspective on network performance and efficiency tends to suffer as a result. Some resources may not be applied where they are sorely needed and others may be wasted where they are not. 24/7 network monitoring provides an accurate picture of how the network is performing and, crucially, the way in which it is being used. Without this it’s almost impossible to see whether the business is optimising its use of the resources at its disposal.

Accurately planning for future IT need

With the transparency that network monitoring brings it is much easier to obtain a high level perspective on it. This insight is a crucial component in tightening up IT planning and ensuring that there is the capacity to meet need – but no wastage. This can have a knock on effect right through the business, from the ease with which it is able to grow, to the accuracy of financial projections. For example, if network monitoring reveals inconsistent need then it may be worth switching to a more scalable and flexible system that is more responsive to fluctuation and business change.

Effective disaster recovery

The key to effective recovery is early action and this is only possible if there is an awareness that something has gone wrong. When there is a swift escalation of an issue then the goal becomes not just business continuity but full disaster recovery. 24/7 monitoring acts as an early warning system and will always provide a head start in a situation where there is a need for urgent action.

Supporting your workforce

It is always worth investing in resources that enable your employees to be more productive and content in their work. Network problems can reflect very badly on your setup and may contribute to a feeling of discontent among those who work for you. Implementing network monitoring helps to ensure that staff can always access the networks they need to help grow your business and get satisfaction from their jobs.

To find out more about network monitoring and how it could make your business more effective, contact our team.

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