Why is it important to backup cloud-based services?

The spectre of cyber-attacks looms large over every business these days. It’s no longer just big brands and household names who are under attack. With 43% of cyber-attacks now targeting small businesses, it’s particularly important for enterprises of every size to have measures in place to deal with a malicious episode. This is even more so when you consider that 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack. Every precaution is necessary to ensure that data and systems are secure – including backing up essential data stored in the cloud. There are also other compelling reasons to have additional protection as outlined below.

Protection from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks on cloud-based services such as Google Docs or Office365 are the hot topic of the moment. It’s possible to protect against your data being encrypted out of reach in the cloud by ensuring that cloud storage is only accessible with user interaction (e.g. two-factor authentication). However, even then there are ways in which data can still become encrypted by hackers, for example if ransomware is already running on a system and key logging to get passwords. Given the very particular set of dangers that cloud-based systems face from ransomware, backing up offline is now crucial to ensure adequate cyber security.

Other reasons to back up cloud-based services

1. The cloud-based service could suffer downtime. Thankfully this isn’t that common but it’s always worth remembering that any cloud-based service is vulnerable to downtime. Sometimes, it’s the larger and more high-profile services that have the potential to be the most affected and no cloud is completely immune to technical and service-based issues. If you’ve got key data backed up securely elsewhere then you’re not dependent on being able to re-gain access to get to essential data.

2. Human error. No tech system is invulnerable to human error and no human avoids mistakes 100% of the time. If you accidentally delete or overwrite data in the cloud then retrieving it can be difficult, perhaps impossible depending on the service. If you’re regularly backing up your data offline then you won’t have to suffer the consequences of human error without an easily accessible solution.

3. Switching cloud-based services. If you want to move your cloud-based service then you face the challenge of transferring data. Depending on the service you’re working with this could be simple or complex but if you’ve got a data backup offline then you always have a very straightforward option for getting set up with a new provider.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving – to ensure your business is fully protected, speak to one of the Building Zones team to see how we can help.

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