What to look for in Wi-Fi to support your business now and in the future

Most businesses now have some demand for wireless solutions within their company, to allow flexibility and their employees to work from around the building, when not at their desk, give presentations easily, and more. Wi-Fi is a necessity for many companies, but if you’ve not yet adopted this technology within your network, or if you’re looking to improve your current Wi-Fi, here are some things to look for in Wi-Fi to support your business now and in the future.

What capacity do you need now and in the future?

Within most businesses, there will be many users utilising the Wi-Fi network at any given time. This can be from their personal devices such as laptops, phones and even tablets, for many different functions. Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building is important, but another consideration is to plan with capacity in mind and implement additional wireless LAN capacity above your current need, to ensure that you can scale up when required, without disruption or complications.

Consider future specifications

The Wi-Fi that you have now may be sufficient to meet your needs in terms of speed and bandwidth, but will it be the same if you are to upscale your business? It is better to purchase access points with the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac Wave 2, to allow you to stream bandwidth-intensive content such as videos. This will ensure that staff and customers will always be able to log on to your fast and reliable Wi-Fi when at your premises.

Build your network

Make sure your wired network infrastructure is up to the job of supporting the latest and greatest WiFi.  Is your infrastructure fast enough and does it have enough power to drive the most up to date access points?  802.11ac Wave 2 requires two network cables to achieve maximum throughput.  Think of your wired network like foundations for a building.

Is your network secure?

Security is also a major consideration when looking at Wi-Fi solutions for your business. GDPR and other regulations state that companies must sufficiently protect both customer and internal data in accordance with their specifications. High security levels may mean implementing specific passwords, or changing passwords regularly, as well as stopping colleagues using the Wi-Fi for personal use on their own unsecured devices where necessary. All of this will work to prevent a data breach or unauthorised access to customer information.

Work with a vendor who can support your bespoke requirements

One element of your Wi-Fi that companies don’t always consider is the provider. Can your Wi-Fi vendor support your bespoke requirements? Look at the SLAs offered should any issues occur, and look for a vendor that can offer the best support, to fit around your working hours and minimise disruption.

Building Zones have worked within a wide range of sectors and understand that every company will have different needs. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of our customers individually, so that their Wi-Fi always allows seamless and fast working.

Give the Building Zones team a call today on 020 3475 2185 to find out more about our Wi-Fi solutions.

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