What is Cyber Fatigue and how can you overcome it?

Although you might not know the official name, Cyber Fatigue is something that most of us have experienced at some point. It manifests as a feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted by the threats that can arise online. So, you might feel like you’re constantly being bombarded by warnings of the risks of being online, advice about how to stay safe and security warnings. As a result, many of us end up feeling in a constant state of alertness to these risks and – eventually – start to burn out from them with Cyber Fatigue.

The impact of Cyber Fatigue on your business

Essentially, anyone who works for you could feel like they are experiencing Cyber Fatigue. The digital world plays a big role in our daily lives, from personal social media through to the software and devices we work with in the office. So, for many of us, it’s difficult to escape from the constant need to be vigilant. As a result, you could find that your employees slip into Cyber Fatigue – with the eventual consequences that they aren’t as alert as they could be.

How to overcome Cyber Fatigue

You can play a role in helping employees to overcome Cyber Fatigue and to take the pressure off staff when it comes to vigilance.

Encourage staff to use a password manager. Passwords have a big part to play in keeping systems and data safe and, in most businesses, that means changing them frequently. The constant change and the requirement to remember new passwords can be draining for staff. However, if they’re using a password manager then this becomes much easier. Passwords are organised, stored and encrypted to keep them safe, taking the pressure off the individual and increasing the security of the business at the same time.

Increase the volume of positive communication with staff. Many businesses rely wholly on frightening warnings about the consequences of a security breach to keep staff vigilant. This does very little other than to increase the sense of Cyber Fatigue that people feel at work and raise anxiety levels. Look for opportunities to be positive about security, thanking staff for their ongoing efforts and using examples of high profile breaches elsewhere to show how much your business has to be proud of. It’s often a good idea to phrase the responsibility for cyber security as a team effort. That not only spreads the burden but also makes everyone feel involved.

Automate updates and virus scanning software. Manually installed updates and virus scanning rely on human beings to carry them out. This can result in vulnerability where it gets forgotten and also adds to the Cyber Fatigue burden that many feel. Automation ensures regular virus scans are completed and software is always up to date, including with the latest patches to vulnerabilities.

Technology can feel like a burden at times but it also has the power to transform a workplace. If you’d like more information on how to avoid Cyber Fatigue with simple information technology solutions get in touch with Building Zones today.

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