What could TalonFast bring to SMEs in their everyday working?

The Cloud and cloud-based software are slowly becoming an integral part of everyday working for SMEs who are learning to utilise the technology to their advantage. Data management is central to the overall productivity of businesses across all sectors, and combining cloud technology with data management tools is important to be able to streamline processes and improve internal working. One product that brings these things together is TalonFast, which can be used alongside cloud-based storage and filing.

About TalonFast

TalonFast works to resolve the issues of loss of quality when accessing files remotely. It helps with the storage and management of data including backups across multiple locations, whether this is different locations worldwide, or nationally. The whole idea of TalonFast is to give a feel that everyone is working from the same office, whether they are working in different offices or even different time zones.

How does TalonFast work?

TalonFast works by consolidating all data storage and management into one single public, private or hybrid cloud location which can be accessed from multiple locations as if it is on the same site using the same server. It prevents file conflicts, where multiple users may end up with different versions where changes are made at the same time. TalonFast improves the collaborative working process and it is layered either in top of or in front of Cloud storage offerings which allows file sharing in one location.

What does TalonFast have to offer SMEs?

TalonFast brings features that improve collaborative cloud working, such as caching, intelligent caching and global file locking, as well as optimisation. The “hub and spoke” technique of installing TalonFast software centrally and then in each individual working location, can prevent issues with files being edited.

For example, if someone in location one opens a file, they are authenticated and then the file is locked in files to avoid conflicting situations. Should someone else try to edit the file during this editing time, they will be able to only open a “Read Only” version, and offered the ability to be notified once the file is no longer in use. Once the person in location one finishes using the file, changes are saved centrally, so when the user in location two is notified, they open the latest version of the file.

TalonFast and the Cloud

Cloud computing offers other benefits to SMEs such as greater uptime and availability, easier backups, greater resource management and disaster recovery planning, as well as greater flexibility in working. TalonFast utilises the Cloud to provide a solution that gives companies the opportunity to optimise their data management internally.

Building Zones is a certified Microsoft Silver Competency partner with experience deploying the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and TalonFast for many clients within different sectors.

Find out more about TalonFast and cloud working today and discuss your requirements with our team on 020 3475 2185.

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