What can be achieved with unified communications?

Unified communications bring together various existing tools with a view to integrating systems to enable better communication and collaboration to boost productivity. In the same way as a smart phone can be used for many different functions, a unified communications solution brings together a business phone system, voicemail, video conferencing, chat, fax, instant messaging and more. Using a unified communications solution also allows for integration with other tools, such as email, social media and CRM systems. The overall result of combining communication methods like this – and enabling integration – is that they are all centralised and sharing information. And there is a lot that can be achieved when businesses take that step.

Boosting individual employee productivity

Unified communications technology helps reduce time wasted within an organisation by giving individual employees more information, and also more flexibility. All employees use these communications applications so smarter technology is going to provide opportunities to improve performance for everyone. In particular, unified communications enable employees to see which team members are available and offer a choice of communication options, depending on what needs to be done.

Enabling flexible working

The opportunities for improving employee productivity and embracing flexible working are fully supported by unified communications. With such a system in place, employees can work from anywhere there is a broadband connection, whether that’s out in the field, at home or in the office. This kind of flexibility is a key productivity driver – 58% of people believe that working away from the office would help them become more productive.

Improving team performance

Unified communications is ideally designed to optimise team working structures. Whether employees are on different floors or in different countries, communication channels can be fully opened and collaboration maximised with a unified communications solution in place. Team communication can become more cost effective, as well as more efficient, thanks to options for real time collaboration. Plus, a consistent end user experience removes the obstacles of different technologies and approaches and provides plenty of ad hoc options.

Optimising business performance

Better performance and communication on individual and team levels has a much broader impact on the business as a whole. So, the smaller changes that are made to incorporate unified communications have a much broader knock on effect, improving productivity and helping to achieve better business outcomes. Key to this is the element of agility that unified communications introduce to an organisation, enabling faster and more flexible responsiveness to the challenges of the business world.

Enhancing IT capability

When unified communications is implemented across an organisation it creates a situation where applications are used in a common environment. This consistency not only opens the door to better performance and collaboration but also enhances the IT team’s ability to monitor networks when it comes to key considerations like security and bandwidth use.

A simple change such as the introduction of unified communications could have a wide ranging impact across your organisation. If you’d like to find out more about how technology could change your business performance, please get in touch with Building Zones today.

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