What benefits could 24/7 monitoring bring to your business?

Are you suffering from persistent downtime? Is your IT significantly underperforming? Have you had ongoing system breaches that nobody noticed in time? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you might find that 24/7 monitoring makes a big difference to your business, in terms of progress and performance.

The benefits of 24/7 monitoring

1. Minimising disruption for customers and clients

If, like most businesses, you’re dependent on your IT to deliver products or services then disruption can be fatal. Not only does it impact on customer relationships but it can create backlogs that are difficult to move on from. 24/7 monitoring provides an early warning system that enables problems to be dealt with swiftly so that disruption can be kept to a minimum.

2. Proactive solutions to attack

The reality of something like a security breach for many smaller businesses is that it can go days – perhaps even weeks – without anyone noticing what has happened. It may only be when implanted malware or network damage reaches a critical level that the problem becomes obvious and by then it might be too late to do anything about it. 24/7 monitoring is a crucial tool for damage limitation and proactively finding solutions that avoid issue escalation.

3. Better IT planning

As well as providing an early warning system, 24/7 monitoring can also generate a wealth of useful data. For many businesses, IT planning is a serious challenge but one that can be made easier with the data from a comprehensive monitoring system. This will illustrate how IT is currently being used and provide insight into the best ways to deal with peaks and troughs in the future to accommodate the needs of the business as they arise.

4. Providing a better experience for your workforce

With 24/7 monitoring you can avoid the discontent and frustration that can arise from IT issues regularly impacting on your staff. The people who work within your business may lose faith in an organisation that is constantly stuttering when it comes to IT provision. In extreme situations you could even experience staff attrition because those who work for you find it difficult to do their jobs as a result of constant IT problems. If you want to provide a better day-to-day experience for your employees, protecting your IT infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring could be key.

5. Offering in-depth network insight

If you have 24/7 monitoring then you’ll be able to make well informed decisions about where to allocate resources based on actual usage. This kind of insight will also identify whether the IT that you’re using is really suited to your business or whether you might want to make changes, such as moving to a more flexible and scalable system.

Tools like 24/7 monitoring can help to optimise your IT and have a positive knock-on effect on the way that your business functions and the results that it produces. Contact Building Zones today to find out more.

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