What are the benefits of outsourcing your Managed IT services?

If you’re looking to make improvements within your business then outsourcing managed IT services could bring a great deal of positive change. Working with IT specialists who are able to deliver on efficiency, security and scalability over and above what an internal team could do can make a significant difference to performance and productivity. These are just a few of the benefits that outsourcing managed IT services can generate:

Improving security

Systems can become vulnerable in the simplest of ways – updates and patches that have not been installed, for example, can leave an entire network open to exploitation. When your managed IT services are outsourced this is no longer your responsibility. Everything, from ensuring systems are up to date to implementing the latest security standards, can be managed by IT specialists, ensuring better security and improved compliance too.

The benefit of specialists

Outsourcing managed IT services means that your IT is in the hands of specialists who are likely to have more skill and hands on experience than an in-house team. Only the largest businesses can afford to build in-house IT that includes a broad array of skills with specialists for every situation. And, even for those enterprises, it’s often not a cost effective approach. Outsourced IT provides access to specialists at every level who not only have key qualifications but the benefit of experience too.

Cost efficiency

The popularity of any type of outsourcing is based on its effectiveness when it comes to cutting existing costs – and the same is true of IT too. Costs are predictable – but also flexible – and can be adjusted to budgetary constraints in a way that just isn’t possible with a permanent on-site team.

More efficient use of resources

It’s inevitable for many businesses that the cost of an in-house IT team is simply not justifiable. A large team may be crucial in a crisis but underused the rest of the time. A smaller team may simply not be able to cope and may hamper performance as a result. Outsourcing managed IT represents a logical way to efficiently use resources as and when they are required.

Focusing on core activities

When IT is outsourced and managed by IT specialists this leaves those within the business free to focus on its core activities. It also ensures that IT isn’t a distraction that prevents those within the organisation from driving it forward to exciting innovation and growth.

Risk management

Risk is a constant factor for every business and the necessity of IT networks is an area of vulnerability for many. Outsourcing IT helps to share this risk and also introduces more experienced and expert approach to managing it.

Scalability and flexibility

Outsourcing IT gives a small business IT opportunities previously only available to larger enterprises with big budgets, effectively leveling the playing field when it comes to IT resources. It allows IT to be responsive and scalable and reduces the time required for implementing new systems and software.

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