The Connected Patient

The rise in the adoption of mobile technologies is not just limited to enterprise businesses – healthcare organisations are rapidly becoming more distributed; and whilst their primary objective is to provide high quality patient care; doctors, nurses and other clinical professionals are seeing their workload increasing. Therefore, the use of mobile technologies to help them effectively manage their workload is crucial to patient safety. In this latest blog from Building Zones, we ask “Why is the WLAN crucial in a distributed healthcare environment?”

The simple answer is that Hospitals today need a Wireless LAN designed to specifically deliver against the increase in demand on relying on Wi-Fi to connect patients and devices and provide medical professional with instant access to medical records.

The use of Wi-Fi on hospital medical devices is expected to increase significantly in the next few years. Patients are becoming more mobile and medical devices getting smaller and more sophisticated. Therefore healthcare organisations need to consider the design of their wireless network, determining the right technology for specific clinical applications and to ensure both the delivery of safe, high quality healthcare, and the security of patient records across the network.

Hospitals and other healthcare organisations need to respond to the changing demands of wireless connectivity. In order to provide uninterrupted patient care, hospitals need a network that enables IT to share responsibility for patient care with the medical staff.

Here are our top 3 tips:

  1. Improve patient safety and quality of care by isolating life-critical applications from all other wireless traffic
  2. Increase efficiency with reliable, pervasive Wi-Fi coverage for mission-critical applications and enabling clinicians to use the mobility platform of their choice in the hospital, clinic, or home
  3. Improve patient satisfaction by allowing patients to stay connected with family and friends, access the Internet, and enjoy entertainment such as e-books, music, and video

At Building Zones we have succesfully implemented intelligent wireless networks for Healthcare organisations across the UK - from Private Hospitals through to NHS Trusts. If you would like more information, contact the Building Zones Team -


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