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Building Zones has been installing Meru Networks WiFi solutions for over 5 years, deploying large scale networks for Skype, BDP, Foster & Partners, RFIB and Fulwood Academy to name a few.

I've been working with WirelessLAN for over 20 years; in fact it only seems like yesterday that I setup my first wireless network using Xircom kit. The project was to provide a laptop (yes, you could buy laptops 20 years ago) on a trolley to enable warehouse personnel to access stock information in real-time. Throughput was low, but it worked and although way ahead of its time, it gave me a glimpse into the future.

Fast forward 20 years and things have changed considerably....

The WiFi Alliance have standardised wireless connectivity and we are going to get Gigabit to the desk next year. With a plethora of wireless vendors to choose from, how do you know which one will provide the best enterprise wireless network for your organisation?

Having installed countless flavours of wireless; Cisco, Aruba, Proxim, Trapeze....I could go on, we settled on partnering with Meru Networks as it was ahead of the game with its virtual-cell technology and their approach is unique in the market place. 5 years on, Meru are still way ahead of the game, and 802.11ac will keep them there.

I am often asked why, Cisco, Aruba and others haven't followed suit and developed similar technology to Meru Networks, and this is my take on it:

1. Meru Networks has spent years developing wireless virtual cell technology and has a number of patents

2. Most wireless networks work to a degree, but once you start loading them with a large number of devices (as we are seeing now) then they start to fail. Meru Networks is built from the ground up for high number of devices.

3. It's very difficult for vendors to turn around and admit to their customers that they got it wrong and that they now need to rip out existing kit and put in new kit that actually works.

In 5 years’ time all the major wireless network vendors will adopt Meru Networks wireless virtual cell technology. But why wait 5 years when you can stay ahead of the game and reap the benefits today?

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