Snow Days

So, the snow has been, snow days from school and work have been taken, snowmen built, sledges purchased and good old fashioned fun has been had for all.

But now that the fun is over and your staff are gradually returning to “business as normal”, the situation has once again highlighted the recurring issue of how employers deal (or not, in many cases) with staff absence and disruption to everyday business.
With a backlog of work that continues to grow, missed sales opportunities, and customer service levels hitting an all-time low – it is estimated that snow costs the UK economy as much as £500 million per day* and with the bad weather forecasted to continue, this figure will rise.

So how can you avoid your business becoming a victim of adverse weather conditions?

By enabling your employees to work from their snowed-in location, providing them with secure access to the corporate communications and data networks, customer service levels can be maintained and profitability will not be compromised.

From simple solutions such as VoIP phone services (having extensions at home, routing calls to mobiles, using hunt groups and flexible voicemail), through to more sophisticated Cloud Based solutions and applications, you can beat the weather with technology.

Don’t have this conversation with yourself in 12 months’ time. Invest in technology solutions today that will make your business run more smoothly, save you money and prevent you from being cut off from your customers whatever the weather.

*source – RSA research group 2013

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