Oxford Policy Management deploys Meru 802.11ac Wi-Fi network

Meru Gigabit Wi-Fi replaces previous Aruba system to provide voice and video conferencing capabilities and improve the performance of 802.11n devices

Oxford Policy Management (OPM) has replaced its Aruba Wi-Fi with a Meru Networks 802.11ac wireless network to support the use of Microsoft SharePoint, voice over Wi-Fi and videoconferencing.
“As a growing business, we’d outgrown our previous network and needed something faster and with better coverage that could grow with us,” explained Iain McKeand, infrastructure engineer at OPM. “We regularly have meetings with more than 50 people using voice and video applications, which is when the Meru network really proves itself.

“In addition to the incredible speed we get with 802.11ac devices, the new wireless even delivers up to 300 Mbits/s throughput on our legacy 802.11n laptops – an added bonus that has led to some fantastic feedback from our users.”
Oxford-based OPM, which works with NGOs (non-government organisations), government ministries and private sector companies around the world, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, the World Bank and WHO, also operates offices in Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and South Africa.

The firm’s multinational staff includes a range of specialists, from demographers and economists to political scientists, public finance experts, sociologists and statisticians. Working together, they provide analysis and solutions to help solve complex issues from climate change and debt management to health and social protection.
The ‘Gigabit Wi-Fi’ network upgrade came after complaints about the existing network from OPM’s staff who wanted to be able to just log on to fast, reliable Wi-Fi whenever they were in the office. OPM selected Meru to replace its Aruba Wi-Fi network, which was also becoming increasingly difficult to manage and expensive to run.  

Designed and installed by Building Zones, a Meru Networks Gold Partner, the wireless network includes Meru AP832i and AP832e 802.11ac access points (pictured), with a MC1550 mobility controller.
“Oxford Policy Management is an innovative, performance-focused company with a fascinating history in helping organisations solve major global economic and social problems,” said Mark Howell, regional director for the UK and Ireland at Meru.

“They needed the highest performance and unsurpassed reliability. OPM’s Meru 802.11ac network supports its business growth and ensures its staff have the best possible Wi-Fi experience.” - See more at: http://www.wireless-mag.com/News/30640/oxford-policy-management-deploys-meru-80211ac-wi-fi-network.aspx#sthash.hrpJjfCl.dpuf

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