Mobility - A Tipping Point For The Martini Generation?

I’m an avid fan of linkedin. It’s a great resource for connecting people, bragging about your new fancy job title, or showing off your skillset. But there is more to LinkedIN than that.

I recently read an article (on the Tube, connected via Virgin’s unreliable WiFi – but more about that in my next blog) published by Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE. He was commenting on how the mobile generation (or the Martini generation as he refers to them) are changing the way business is conducted. It made for good reading and I agree, that mobile technology is transforming the way in which we work, but there are so many other considerations.
Yes, today’s workforce is more mobile, but that doesn’t mean they are remote. Personnel today are more mobile in their workplace and workspaces need to be designed to facilitate this. For example, Jim in legal may take Skype calls in his office, run to the boardroom for a video conference with head office in New York and round off the day interviewing new staff via conference calls in a meeting room. My point is, Jim expects to be able to perform all of these tasks seamlessly, without any drop in connectivity as he moves around the building, using any of his multiple devices – from his desk phone (which by now should be Voice over WLAN), his mobile, laptop or tablet. You see, whilst mobility is important, the most important factor in all of this is connectivity. So when Jim moves, he expects his network to follow.

So, while I do believe that the expectations for mobility will continue to grow, I also believe that Enterprises today truly need to consider the real demand and necessity for excellent, reliable and consistent connectivity and in return, management can expect greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

My top 3 tips for true enterprise mobility:

  1. Mobility is an unstoppable force and many people increasingly have multiple mobile devices—a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop—that they often use at the same time. In today’s mobile world, not only is Wi-Fi the preferred way to connect, but in our opinion, it is the only way to connect.
  2. Chose Meru’s 802.11ac WLAN solution. 802.11ac means faster, better Wi-Fi that keeps mobile devices connected and applications running smoothly, and that will keep users happier.
  3. Ditch the desk phone, this nasty chunk of plastic has invaded our desk space for years. Why call a desk when you call a person? Introduce Voice over WiFI and allow users to make and take calls on any device.

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