Leading London Business Club Selects Meru 802.11ac Wi-Fi to Support Streaming Voice and Video for Members

The Clubhouse chooses Meru for high-density capabilities and seamless connectivity

London’s The Clubhouse business club, lounge and meeting space for entrepreneurs, early stage businesses and global blue-chip organizations, has deployed Meru 802.11ac Wi-Fi to support a high-density environment where users regularly log onto Skype®, Apple Face Time® and other voice and video applications. The wireless implementation also includes Meru’s Bonjour solution to support the use of Apple TV® in The Clubhouse’s six meeting rooms.

“Our aim is to make our members and their businesses more successful,” said Adam Blaskey, CEO and founder of The Clubhouse. “The Clubhouse is the smarter alternative to a London office and provides an environment to suit the needs of people setting up their own businesses, but who are used to the kind of robust IT infrastructure that larger businesses can provide. For people used to this environment, we offer an alternative workspace to those who want to punch above their weight.”

More than 800 members regularly use The Clubhouse’s two locations in Mayfair, central London. Amenities include a range of flexible meeting areas, lounge areas and hot desks. It also features alongside high specification private meeting rooms, a boardroom and the Clublounge for after-hours events or screenings.

Working with Building Zones, a Meru gold partner who designed and installed Meru AP832 wireless access points across both sites, The Clubhouse plans to expand its operations in the future, with two more facilities set to open in 2015.

“Mobile and cloud computing allow us to work from anywhere,” said Blaskey. “You can get wireless access at Starbucks, but it doesn’t give you the professional surroundings in which to meet your clients or a buzzy place where you can meet like-minded people. Fast, reliable and professional-quality Wi-Fi is absolutely key to what we do and what we offer as a differentiator to our members.”

Support for Apple Bonjour®

Designed to offer complete flexibility and convenience for its members, The Clubhouse has also installed Apple TV® in all of its meeting rooms to enable users to present and stream wirelessly from any Apple device onto the big screen. Integrated into the Service Control element of Meru’s MobileFLEX architecture, Meru’s Bonjour support helps users to connect to the screens quickly and seamlessly and with zero configuration.

“The Clubhouse has capitalized on a need in the market to deliver professional, sophisticated meeting spaces for small businesses and startups so they can avoid the need to meet in coffee shops or other public meeting spaces where the Wi-Fi is often unpredictable, unreliable and insecure,” said Mark Howell, area director for UK and Ireland at Meru Networks. “It’s exciting to be part of such a creative and vibrant working environment by helping deliver the kind of robust wireless that will support the business today and in the future.”

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