Is your current IT support adding value?

It is difficult to measure the ROI of IT support, as the impact may be diverse, far reaching and blended in with other influences. However, the crucial nature of outsourced IT function makes it important to find a way to define the value that you’re getting. There are so many different options now for IT support that if your current provider doesn’t deliver the necessary value, your business could do much better by moving on.

Defining basic ROI

There are multiple factors that you could use to try and get the measure of whether you’re getting ROI from your IT support. For example, compare the expectations set for the relationship against the actual service quality that you receive. It’s also important to look at the financial side – what were the predicted costs and how much are you actually paying. Expectations plus estimated costs against actual costs and service delivered will give you a basic insight into whether the service you’re getting is delivering on what was agreed.

Over and above the financials

Return on investment is not just about looking at whether you’re getting the service that you’re paying for at a cost effective price. There are so many ways in which the right IT support can add value to your business and these don’t begin and end with the balance sheet. These are just a few of the options for measuring return – once you’ve defined the metrics you want to use then set a period of analysis and see whether your current IT provider does actually deliver.

Efficient IT support

If you’re getting the right, responsive IT support then your in-house expenses should be coming down and you should see fewer IT issues arising. Downtime shouldn’t be an issue if you have the right IT support so a reduction in, or measure of, downtime is a great way to measure return on an IT investment.

Improvements to in-house IT adoption and knowledge

How much better is your business at IT as a result of working with this IT provider? An increase in staff ability and aptitude, as well as tighter security as a result of a better informed workforce are two metrics that can show how much true value you’re getting.

Better data security

The right IT support will deliver a measurable improvement in your data security that goes not just to avoiding issues but to simplifying policies and processes involved and providing peace of mind. Training, establishing cyber security protocols and implementing monitoring and regular back ups are benefits that any business could feel from the right IT support.

Integrating the objectives of your business

This is where the right IT support really comes into its own when IT becomes not just a support function but a crucial part of supporting and delivering the objectives of your company. This could be freeing up employee time to work on more value added tasks, making changes to legacy systems to improve efficiency or devising new ways of operating that drive the business towards its goals.

IT support is so much more than just reacting to support issues – the right provider could change your business’ future. Get in touch with Building Zones today to find out more

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