How to keep your staff informed about how they can avoid falling victim to ransomware attacks

When it comes to cyber security your staff are both your biggest asset and the most significant vulnerability that your business has. No matter how advanced the security systems you’re using, if one member of staff clicks on the wrong link or downloads something that they shouldn’t then your systems could be compromised. That’s why it’s so important to keep staff informed about how to avoid cyber attacks like ransomware, not just once or twice but on an ongoing basis.

Tips for keeping staff informed

You need your workforce to engage with the importance of ensuring that ransomware doesn’t become a threat to your organisation. There are many different ways to make sure that they do.

Be positive about the contribution they are already making. Praise is always a more effective way to introduce behavioural change than negative feedback or punishment. So, be positive and praise the contribution they are making to your ongoing cyber security by not making the business vulnerable to an attack. One way that you can do this is in the context of a major cyber-attack that has happened elsewhere. Use this to praise your staff for their role in preventing a similar attack on your business.

Identify the potential threats in practice. Keep your staff up to date with the latest attempts to use ransomware in the commercial world. The more aware they are of the threats, and what they look like, the more likely it is that they will spot one when it lands in their own inbox. You might want to send out updates covering news of recent cyber attacks, in your industry and beyond. What happened, what were the consequences and why did the attack manage to gain ground? Many of these stories will also be on the news or trending online so this is a relatively easy way to get employees to engage with the topic.

Use current events to remind your staff about how to stay safe. When attacks like this are foremost in the minds of your employees, give them a quick reminder of what they need to be doing each day to ensure that your business doesn’t end up in a similar position to others affected. Refer them to the policies you have in place and make sure that these identify the potential discomfort for employees who take unnecessary risks - but don’t explicitly focus on the potential negative consequences.

Give your employees access to the right resources. Problems may arise when something like a ransomware attack takes place simply because people don’t know what to do. Make sure your staff know where to go for information and who to call. Many websites and online resources are incredibly useful, not just for information on what to do but also because they list out which hacks have been broken and offer free decryption tools so you can unlock your system.

IT doesn’t have to be complicated – we can help you find the right technology, and put the right safeguards in place, to ensure that your IT delivers the best possible results across your business. Get in touch with Building Zones today on 020 3475 2185 to find out more.

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