Enterprise WiFi - it's all the same, isn’t it?

The way we work is changing and the devices we use are changing. I wrote this blog on my iPhone on the way home from work. Over the last year almost every IT Director I meet has had their CEO, with his nice shiny iPad, ask 'why does this work better at home than in the office?' and on many occasions 'why doesn't this work at all in the office?'

Usually this is because enterprise WiFi was an afterthought as there was little expectation for wireless devices, and even less expectation for the wireless network to support seamless delivery of uninterrupted data, voice and video. Now everyone expects ubiquitous wireless in the office.

So what happens next ? Well in most organisations, the IT department looks at the Cisco website, calls their IT reseller and orders the ‘best’ wireless network; it must be the best because it's Cisco. After the installation and a lot of effort configuring and tweaking settings, when it still doesn't quite work as well as the CEO's home WiFi there are a lot of red faces and a lot of questions.

So where did it all go wrong? Well, put simply the market leader doesn't always have the best solution.

Cisco, along with a whole host of other vendors, are 3rd Generation WiFi (Gartner Classification) and the problem is that the underlying technology was designed for the home, so it will never really work well in the enterprise.

Luckily there is an alternative in Meru Networks’ 4th generation (Gartner classification) wireless network. Guess what? It actually works!!! And your CEO will be happy.

If you want to know why it works then contact me ....

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