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I was having dinner with a lawyer friend of mine last weekend and he commented on how cryptic my LinkedIn updates and tweets about Wi-Fi were. I begged to differ – I mean, how could my tweets possibly be more cryptic than the average legal contract? However, after reading back through some of them, I realised that he had a point - whilst it all makes perfect sense to me - 80MHz this, 802.11ac that .... how would anyone without a technical understand of Wi-Fi understand what I was going on about.

My lawyer friend, who, by the way, runs a great law firm called The Law Department (www.lawdepartment.co.uk) asked me to explain what this 802.11ac stuff is and why wireless is so difficult? Raising my eyebrows – it was a social occasion afterall - knowing it would take me at least half an hour and a white board to fully do 802 and this wireless “stuff” justice, I agreed to give him the 60 second elevator pitch.

Using him as an example, he has about 10 people in the office at one time and has one access point (the device that allows your wireless devices – you iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop etc – to connect to the network) which suits their requirement. They don’t experience any issues, and the wireless network works as it should – quietly in the background.

Then we move onto 802.11ac. Put simply, this latest Wi-Fi standard is just superfast Wi-Fi. Easy.

Superfast wireless with one access point (just like your home Wi-Fi broadband box) is easy but the difficult arises when you need to cover an area that requires more than one access point. You need to provide a reliable solution and you need devices to roam seamlessly between access points. Problems will arise if too many people try to use high-bandwidth applications at the same time, when they will then experience interference or lose their connections, leading to poor productivity and business performance. However, 802.11ac will eliminate these issues.

At Building Zones we install Meru networks and we make multi access point deployments easy and we get no wireless related support calls.

Now I just need to make my tweets less cryptic. Easier said than done.

Jason Green
07957 175 308

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