Could you benefit from utilising Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is officially a phenomenon. According to an Intel Security survey, by mid 2019 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions. So, there is a sizeable shift taking place in terms of IT infrastructures, away from on-site and owned, and moving towards storage and applications in the cloud. Cloud computing (essentially where everything takes place online) has been thriving because it delivers some very tangible advantages that could well benefit your business.

Better security

There are two ways in which cloud computing enables an upgrade in existing security processes. The first is that software updates and patches are automatically installed by the cloud provider, reducing the potential for vulnerabilities arising from systems that are not up to date. Second, is the back up feature – all your business data is backed up in the cloud so even if devices or systems are compromised you will still have access to it.

Cost cutting

Efficiency is the name of the game today but this can be hard to achieve when there is also pressure to keep up with the latest IT. Cloud computing directly addresses this, offering access to up to the minute systems and solutions without the initial capital expenditure that would be required to buy in for the business individually.


If your business grows quickly, cloud computing grows with it. When you go through a period of shrinkage or less impressive growth, services can be scaled back to match demand and budgets. This means that, for the first time, businesses of any size can be supported by truly responsive infrastructure.


Because cloud computing allows access to data and files from anywhere that there is an internet connection this enables businesses to enter a new era of agility. Flexible working can be made a reality with cloud computing, which can have an impact on cost reduction and also employee satisfaction too – according to one study 42% of workers would be willing to sacrifice a proportion of salary to be able to work remotely.

Collaboration without borders

Cloud-based workflow is opening up the opportunities for increased collaboration, whether across local or international borders. Teams can access, edit and share everything in the cloud, no matter where in the world they are located, which removes location based barriers to more productive working together.

Data security

2018 is the year when data security has to reach new levels of reliability for every business and cloud computing offers a simple way to upgrade. Cloud systems provide better opportunities for document control, restricting access and enabling full accountability and traceability of use. Plus, documents and data are centrally stored and accessed so the risks associated with employees sending anything over email are significantly reduced.

Faster disaster recovery

Cloud back ups take place automatically so even if access to certain data or devices is lost the business can continue.

Boosting green credentials

The cloud essentially enables businesses to work towards a paper free environment, improving green credentials and reducing environmental impact. Plus, energy use is reduced by avoiding the energy consumption associated with on-premises servers.

If you’d like to find out more about Cloud Computing services – and how your business might benefit - contact a member of the Building Zones team on 020 3475 2185.

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