Could Microsoft Office 365’s exclusive applications persuade you to step towards cloud working?

Businesses are moving more and more towards cloud computing and many companies are utilising cloud-based services without even specifically realizing it. Microsoft Office 365 is a great cloud-based alternative to Microsoft Exchange that is worth considering, depending on the requirements of your business.

Differences between Office 365 and Exchange

The main difference between Office 365 and Exchange is that Exchange is a desktop-based mail server, whereas Office 365 is a cloud-based service aimed at SMEs, including a wide range of features such as MS Exchange Online, Word, PowerPoint and less well-known applications including Sway, Delve, Yammer and Skype for Business. Many people are familiar with email services and Word, PowerPoint and basic applications, but the other applications provide significant benefits for SMEs as outlined below.  

What is Microsoft Sway?

Sway is part of the Microsoft Office family and was introduced in August 2015. It is a presentation program that can be used to combine content to create a website that is presentable, bringing in content from the device in use or external sources such as social media.

An introduction to Microsoft Delve

Microsoft Delve is a tool introduced by Microsoft with a purpose to consolidate all business (and personal?)documents into one single location. You can publicly display current projects you are working on, your interests, personal information and blog. The idea is to share information and interesting documents, and save the things of interest to you to come back to later.

Microsoft’s Yammer application

Yammer is a unique application that functions as a private social networking tool for business. It aims to help improve connectivity within businesses, sharing ideas easily. It makes collaboration easier and even gives users the ability to crowdsource answers from the company’s international offices.

The benefits of Skype for Business

The purpose of Skype for Business within Microsoft Office 365 is to provide a full meeting solution within integrated instant messaging, office apps, as well as the ability to schedule meetings through Outlook, the option of meeting recording and up to 250 users on one Skype call at one time. Unique Q&A, Whiteboard and poll functions allow teams to give feedback in real time during the Skype call, as well as many other features.

Could you benefit from a move towards cloud working?

All  these applications are offered as part of Microsoft Office 365. If you’re an SME considering moving towards cloud working, get in touch with Building Zones today on 020 3475 4657 to find out more.

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