Chiswick School Selects 'Tried and Trusted' Meru® Education-grade (MEG) Wireless Solution

IT management calls Meru ‘fundamental’ to mobile education initiative

London, UK – May 13th 2014 – Meru Networks, Inc.® (NASDAQ:MERU) today announced that Chiswick School has replaced its aging Cisco Wi-Fi network with a Meru Education-grade (MEG) wireless solution to support its mobile learning strategy and iPad® rollout. The school will deploy 200 mobile devices every year for the next five years to year seven students and above.

“Meru’s ability to deliver robust, powerful Wi-Fi is fundamental to the success of our mobile learning strategy,” said Amit Kendal, network and systems administrator for Chiswick School. “Our goal is to become a fully virtualised wireless environment and not rely on any hardware, and we’re well on the way to achieving this with Meru.”

All 150 teaching and teaching support staff at the school have Apple® iPads, while additional iPads, Google Nexus 7® tablets and laptops are available as shared resources to all pupils.  Only sixth formers are currently permitted to bring in their own laptops and smartphones.

The school also has installed Apple TV® in each teaching and learning space, with plans to deploy Meru’s Bonjour Service Control to support them. Integrated with the Meru MobileFLEX architecture, Meru Bonjour Service Control helps ensure that transmitting devices and the displays connected to Apple TV units are appropriately coordinated on a per-classroom basis, to avoid interference and confusion. Meru’s access points and controllers manage the service dynamically.

In the two-phased rollout of the network, Meru access points were initially installed in classrooms and key locations around the school, while phase two saw them extended to all areas where Wi-Fi is used, including outdoor areas, sports pitches and the DT (Design & Technology) block.  More than 70 Meru access points are now in place, together with a Meru virtualised controller, which the IT department can access from anywhere, running on a VMware server.  Chiswick is due to install VoIP later this month as part of its goal to become a fully virtualised secure wireless environment and to make independent mobile learning available to all 1300 students.  The network was designed and installed by Meru partners BuildingZones and 9ine Consulting.

As part of its mobile learning vision, the school also plans to deploy Meru’s Identity Manager software to simplify secure BYOD provisioning for visitors to the school and help reduce the IT team’s workload and ensure an excellent wireless user experience.  Identity Manager Smart Connect is optimized for both administrators and end users, enabling one-click self-provisioning of client devices for secure 802.1X connectivity. Identity Manager Guest Connect improves guest management by authorizing internal sponsors to create guest accounts and enabling guests to securely self-register. Both solutions work over existing network infrastructure with support for access points, controllers and wired switches from any vendor.

Meru’s Education-grade (MEG) wireless solution is designed to solve educational institutions’ BYOD (Bring your own device) issues and support their learning-essential applications. MEG starts with three simple steps:

1. On-board quickly with BYOD provisioning and secure wireless access mapped to IT policies.
2. Connect all BYOD devices reliably anywhere on campus.
3. Learn by deploying validated learning and teaching applications on BYOD devices over the MEG wireless solution.

“Chiswick’s commitment to mobility for its staff and students is enabling a new way of learning – one that will prepare the pupils there for progress when they enter higher grades and beyond,” said Mark Howell, area director for UK and Ireland at Meru Networks. “We look forward to continuing to work with the school as its mobile initiatives continue to grow.”

Chiswick joins more than 3,000 schools in UK and Ireland who are currently using MEG solutions. Additional information about the Meru MEG solution is available here:

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About Chiswick School
Chiswick School is a secondary school with academy status located in Chiswick in the West London borough of Hounslow, England. It has over 1200 students.

About Meru Networks
Meru Networks (NASDAQ: MERU) is a leader in intelligent 802.11ac Wi-Fi solutions, delivering uninterrupted user experience for education, healthcare, hospitality and enterprise. The Meru MobileFLEX architecture is designed to enable seamless roaming with traffic separation for critical applications, providing top performance and high capacity in high-density environments.  Visit or call (408) 215-5300 for more information.

©2014 Meru Networks. Meru and Meru Networks are registered trademarks and the Meru logo is a trademark of Meru Networks, Inc. in the United States. Apple, Apple TV and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google and Nexus are registered trademarks of Google Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

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