Are schools leading the way with wireless?

You may not know this but many schools are adopting technology at a faster pace than businesses.

Increasingly homework and course notes are being distributed and submitted digitally through the school’s intranet known as a Learning Platform. As a result, there is rapid progress towards digital teaching and every child having access to one or more device. Students are being given their own Netook, iPod Touch and iPads. In large secondary schools there can be as many as 2000 students. Few of these devices have wired network cards, so wireless is the primary source of connectivity. How would your wireless network cope with 2000 users, on a plethora of devices all requiring equal access. How well would it meet the needs of 30-35 users in one room all needing to get online and access resources at the same time over wireless - a very challenging environment indeed. Yet Meru takes all this in its stride, because its unique 4th generation architecture offers massive scalability.

That is why there are over 2000 schools running Meru Networks in the UK today. In fact Meru Networks has become the de-facto choice for schools, as it is the only solution on the market that excels in this highly demanding environment. Meru Network have recently signed a deal to be part of a £170m Education Network Northern Ireland (EN(ni)), that will deliver state of the art Wi-Fi connectivity to over 350,000 teachers and pupils in 1,200 schools.

Maybe your corporate network will never get hit so hard and maybe its chugging along just fine as it is. But with increases in video traffic, a move to cloud based applications and a massive surge in the number of wireless devices as Tablets and Smartphones become the technology of choice, is your workspace ready for what is to come?. If you are currently involved in developing your office environment for the next 5 years, you cannot rely on ineffective 3rd generation wireless solutions from the likes of Cisco, Aruba, Aerohive, or Rukus to meet this challenge. So if you are thinking about your WLAN, take a look at your local school and see what the future can be like.

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