802.11ac Enterprise WiFi

If I had a pound for every time an IT professional told me that they will not install Enterprise WiFi because it is insecure, unreliable and slow, I would be a rich man relaxing on my own desert island.

The problem is that most Enterprise wireless networks are badly designed and provide a very poor user experience. However, with more and more devices hitting the market place without a wired network card and the expectations of the workforce, enterprise WiFi is here to stay and it better damn well work.

So how do you get a reliable, secure and fast enterprise wireless network?

1. For a reliable enterprise wireless network our vendor of choice is Meru Networks. With its virtual cell technology it is the only wireless vendor which brings order to micro-cell technology. If I have you lost here, all you need to know is that it works, and is easy to manage and maintain. Moreover, Meru networks are the only vendor to offer virtual cell.

2. For a secure enterprise WiFi simply use WPA2 with 802.1x authentication. You will find your wireless network is now probably more secure than your wired network.

3. For a fast enterprise wireless network use 802.11n, delivering 300Mbps. It’s not quite as fast as a cable, I hear you say. However, waiting in the wings is 802.11ac, promising Gigabit performance, rivalling the fastest wired connections.

So now there really are no excuses, give your users what they want, what they really really want.

NO - not the spice girls - Enterprise WiFi that really works!

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